The Community
We are committed to creating a positive impact in the communities where we conduct business. We aim to achieve this by, amongst others, supporting charitable organizations and causes; by ensuring that the workers producing our products are treated with fairness and respect; and at all times achieving our goals through environmentally friendly means.

The Environment
We all have a responsibility to look after the world we live in. At Nam Wah, we are fully committed to sustainable and environmentally-friendly manufacturing. We have put considerable investments into environmentally friendly measures. These include our own Biological Sewage Treatment System, which ensures that all our water is purified before leaving the plant. We have also equipped ourselves with an X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer (XRF) to analyze and screen all raw materials to make sure our products are RoHS compliant. We also impose strict controls on noise pollution and constantly seek to reduce our consumption of electricity, water, paper and other natural resources. We have an active and efficient recycling program that includes industrial oil, paper, clothes and cartridges and our plant greening scheme creates not only a pleasant rest area for the workers, but also provides an efficient air purifier. Our commitment to environment is also demonstrated in the actives in which we take part outside the industry. We often participate in community activities that are designed to raise public awareness of environmental issues, such as the annual charity hike organized by local green group Green Power.

Our Employees
Our success depends on the quality of the people we employ and, as such, we seek to attract, train and develop the best talent from the PRC, HK, and overseas. We invest considerable resources in training and development activities and most employees participate in some form of training or development every year.

We are committed to the safety and respect of our employees, who are our greatest asset. We provide a safe, clean and friendly environment. As a result, our retention rate is maintaining at a high level.


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