We will develop and expand our product range, with a special focus on the following business segments:

Rollers for office automation equipment
Machined parts for office automation and automotive industries
Key components for automotive and telecommunication industries
Contract manufacturing

We tailor manufacturing solutions to fit our customers' needs.



OA Rollers
We manufacture a wide range of rollers, which are designed specifically for office automation equipment. These include multi-functional printers, copiers, fax machines and other devices. We supply Pick rollers, Feed rollers, Turn rollers, Exit rollers, Pressure rollers and Fuser rollers. We also produce rollers in a variety of sizes both in diameter and in length.



Precision Machined Parts
We have been offering this service for over 20 years. We are capable of manufacturing precision machined parts with micron precision. Other than offering this service as a part of the OA rollers process, we also supply a range of discrete metal parts and components to other industries such as the automotive and medical industries.



Surface Treatment
Additionally, we also offer surface treatment services that treat the surfaces of our manufactured parts and components to meet the surface condition requirements of our customers. Our service includes various forms of electroless plating, which utilizes nickel, zinc, chromium or positive pole oxide as the type of surface treatment.



Product Assembly
We have extensive experience in the product assembly, particularly in the assembly of office automation equipment and medical equipment. This service is not just intended to diversify our services, but also to extend our production capabilities towards vertical integration.



Production Commissioning
Companies are continuing to move production lines and facilities to China. A reliable manufacturing partner with the required expertise is of primary importance to these companies. We have worked to manage the production facilities in China for some world-class enterprises since the 1980s. We are very proud of being a reliable partner and helping to grow both our businesses together.


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